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Holton trumpet

Holton T101B Symphony Trumpet $550 or best offer SOLD
Holton T101B Symphony trumpet, serial number #813326.  This instrument was designed as a remake of the old Mt. Vernon Bach trumpets and is highly regarded.  It plays well and has an even response with a full, vibrant, resonant sound.  Excellent intonation.  Lightening fast valves.  Justin, one of the trumpet players in my big band, says the valves are so fast they about hit your fingers on the way up.  Justin purchased this trumpet used about four years ago and thinks it was about four years old then.  Neither of us knows for sure.  I’ve looked up Holton serial numbers and they stop in 1980 at #558,936 when Holton became part of the LeBlanc company.  The trumpet had been well-maintained when Justin bought it and he's taken very good care of it since.  Except for a couple minor dings on the bell, there aren’t any others.  Only a couple small spots where the lacquer’s been worn off from being held, and that shows in the photos.  The horn comes with a Bach 3C mouthpiece.  The case is also in top condition. Email me


  Olds Super Recording Trumpet SOLD 
Serial #22430. This is simply the most beautiful trumpet I’ve ever seen. It was probably made between 1948 and 1949 at Olds’ Los Angeles factory before they moved to Fullerton, California. The quality of the instruments made in LA was the best. The Super Recording trumpet was their top of the line professional model. It’s considered the finest Olds trumpet ever made and is superior to many of today’s top instruments. The trumpet features an offset 2nd valve, which was an Olds trademark, designed to make the instrument more comfortable to play by creating a more natural finger position. The rim of the bell is outlined in silver and engraved “Made by F. E. Olds and Son, Los Angeles California, Super” with the word “Recording” engraved in the bell. The instrument has a rose brass bell and lead pipe and lots of other wonderful detailing that you can see in the photos. (The sparkling effect in the photos is real. The way the horn was finished creates it.) The valves are very fast! All of the slides move freely. 3rd valve tuning slide, 2 water keys. Comes with an old Holton 56A mouthpiece and a Yamaha 11C4-70. Original case.

  Conn Vintage One Trumpet 1B-46 $975 SOLD
This is a professional model horn and it's in great shape! These horns list for about $2780 and sell through the big discount houses for about $1300 to $1500. The horn is silver plated and comes with Pro-Tech gig bag case, a stand and a full set of mutes including a Harmon, a cup, a straight mute, a plunger, and a bucket. Also, Bach 2C and Yamaha Bobby Shew Lead mouthpieces. Two of the trumpet players in my big band play Conn Vintage Ones and love them! This horn looks new except for a little darkening on the piston buttons and some wear on the lacquer and plating a few inches behind the bell where the horn was held. The valves are very fast on this horn.


  Yamaha 731 Flugelhorn $850  SOLD
This is a professional model that lists for between $1600 to $1900 and sells through the big discounters at between $1100 and $1600. It's silver plated with a yellow brass bell and bottom sprung valves. (The valves are amazingly fast!) Comes with a Yamaha Bobby Shew mouthpiece. The horn is basically in good shape and it plays well. However, at some point in its life, it has been dropped. As you will see from the photos, there's a dent. This hasn't affected its playability. This is a really sweet instrument. Two of the trumpet players in my big band have tried it and both would have bought it if they didn't have flugelhorns already.
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