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From The Beginning

This is a re-issue of the original recording made by the Shortleaf band in 1995. Shortleaf played traditional American and Irish dance music. They had a wonderfully unique sound, playing American fiddle tunes in a driving, danceable, Ozarks style, and Irish tunes in arrangements that still make heads turn when people hear this music. Musicians: Bob Cunningham, hammered dulcimer; Mike Fraser, fiddle, guitar, mandolin; Renee Wood, tin whistle, banjo, guitar; David Woosley, acoustic bass, and Jodie Woosley, guitar and flute.

Sample track:
1) Polk County Breakdown / Rattlesnake 2) Hobart’s Transformation / June Apple 3) Fisher’s Hornpipe 4) The Star of County Down 5) Blackberry Blossom 6) Captain O’Kane 7) Whiskey Before Breakfast / Woodchopper’s Reel 8) Scolding Wives of Abertarff 9) John Brown’s March / John Brown’s Dream 10) The Ten Penny Bit 11) Carrickfergus 12) Cold and Frosty Morning 13) Soldier’s Joy / Arkansas Traveler 14) The Road to Lisdoonvarna 15) The Red Haired Boy


Don Buedel and Renee Wood

Don Buedel and Renee Wood
Ford The River At Owl's Bend

This is a CD re-issue of a recording made by Don and Renee in 1996. The recording was originally released as Earth and Water. Sit back and enjoy some great fiddle and mandolin playing by Don and some fine tin whistle and banjo playing by Renee as they kick up their heels on a great collection of traditional Irish and American dance tunes, and a couple vocals as well. Lots of fun.

 Sample tracks:
1) Blue-Eyed Gal 2) Shady Grove / Cold Frosty Morning 3) Steve’s Schottische 4) St. Anne’s Reel / Wind that Shakes the Barley 5) Billy Barlow 6) Ballydesmond Polka / Jenny Lind Polka 7) Off To California 8) Brazos Waltz 9) Fisher’s Hornpipe 10) June Apple 11) Ragtime Annie 12) Snake River Reel 13) Wild Bill Jones 14) Soldier’s Joy / Over the Waterfall 15) Marching Down Broadway

Emerald Isle Mist on the Mountain

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Emerald Isle

Mist on the Mountain
Traditional Dance Music of Ireland

Emerald Isle brings together two very talented musicians, Tom Rowley on guitar and Renee Wood on tin whistle, to create a fresh exciting sound in Irish traditional music.Their repertoire of spirited jigs and hornpipes, driving, go-for-broke reels, and heartbreaking aires, include many rarely heard gems. Tom and Renee have been playing traditional Irish dance music for years, but with their love of all kinds of music and their experience in the world of jazz and rock and roll, they bring a truly unique set of musical skills to the playing of Irish dance music. Sometimes traditional, sometimes not, always unique, Emerald Isle's music is rollicking, joyous, sweet, sad, fun, and full of unexpected departures into some delightful and surprising musical territory.

Musical partners in the truest sense of the word, their deep emotional connection to the music and the strength of their friendship brings a special warmth and energy to their playing.

1) Rakes of Kildare / Russell’s Jig 2) Daniel O’Connell 3) The Kneebuckle / Mooncoin Jig 4) The Blackbird / On a Cool Spring Morning / Banish Misfortune 5) Morrison’s Jig / Morrison’s Blues 6) The Laurel Tree / Sleep Sound in the Morning / Mich’s Hands 7) Lorraine’s Waltz 8) The Flowers of Redhill / Redhill Interlude / The Flowers of Redhill 9) Connie O’Connell’s / The Whistling Postman 10) The Youngest Daughter / Dunsmore Lasses 11) The Boys of Bluehill 12) Mist on the Mountain 13) John Ryan’s Polka / Ballydesmond Polka / Dennis Murphy’s Polka 14) The Rights of ManEmerald Isle listen to clips

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